Restock Updates: Bandhani Caps and Chikankari Face Masks

Bandhani Caps

We launched on 7/15/20 and sold out of our first batch of Inshadycompany Bandhani Caps in two days. Since then, we've placed a larger order (5x the amount of our original batch!) so we can do our best to make sure that everyone who wants a cap can get one. Our caps are shipping from India to the US this week, so look out for our site restock alert in about two weeks.

Thank you to all for continuing to wait so patiently - we've faced unexpected delays due to the the virus situation and Monsoon season in India. Sonia from Inshadycompany and her team who stitches the hats have worked tirelessly to ensure completion of our order in the face of these challenges.

There is a degree of variation involved when it comes to artisan products; this uncertainty makes it hard to plan, but it's also what makes hand-crafted products so unique.

Originally, we thought we could not restock the pink/blue Bandhani combination. The fabric for the caps is hand-dyed in Gujarat, and sourced by a fabric supplier in Mumbai. The latest batch of the blue Bandhani fabric turned out to be a shade quite different from what was originally used for the pink/blue combination:

The above shows our original pink/blue caps vs the shade of blue fabric we had the option of using for the new batch of caps. We decided the shade difference was too significant as compared to the original, and didn't want to disappoint or confuse customers who had certain expectations. So instead, we decided to create a fun new combination...Pink & Green! Here's a sneak peek:

We're excited to mix up our assortment with this bright and bold piece. To top it off, Sonia was eventually able to get her hands on more blue fabric in the same hue we had before, so we are happy to be able to restock the original pink/blue combo too.

Chikankari Face Masks

We were also blown away by how much you loved our newly launched Yoshita Couture Chikankari Face Masks! We immediately requested a new batch to be made in all colors - Yoshita and her team of embroidery artisans have expedited their processes to help us restock these beautiful pieces ASAP.

The masks are also shipping from India this week, so we should be able to restock these at the same time as the hats (in about two weeks).
This way, if anyone is hoping to purchase a hat and a mask, they can do so in the same order without having to pay two separate shipping costs.

Thank you for helping us support India's skilled artisan communities along with our talented design partners. Each purchase allows us to bring more business to the hand-worker economy and give a larger platform to amazing creators who are defining today's culture.

Lots of love,

Sanaa Himani

Founder | SHAI


  • Waiting for my cap ! ♥️

    Sabina gupta
  • Looking forward! Please let me know. Thanks

    Rupa Kumar

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