Green Silk Bandhani Scrunchie
Green Silk Bandhani Scrunchie

Green Silk Bandhani Scrunchie

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Repurposed from a limited batch of vintage silk sari material, these scrunchies are both beautiful and functional. The fabric is a vibrant green accented with flecks of contrasting colors, a pattern which is made using Bandhani, a traditional Indian tie-dye art form. Silk allows for minimal friction against hair, which is helpful to prevent breakage and frizz that can result from styling when tying hair.

These scrunchies are our first SHAI-designed product, created with surplus material to eliminate waste.


Variation is a part of the charm of hand-made products, telling the story and giving the mark of the creators who craft them. Due to the hand-made nature of the product, no two scrunchies are exactly the same.


  • Pure silk fabric
  • Hand-stitched
  • Limited Edition
  • Hand wash with cold water

We do not accept returns or exchanges for scrunchies as these are considered a personal-use item.